What’s the Difference Between a Wicker Side Table and a Wicker Nightstand?

Wicker Side Table

Tables are an integral part of any house. You may not feel the importance of a table’s presence, but its absence is certainly noticed when you’re attempting to entertain or arrange your bedroom.

Side tables as well as nightstands are two important tables that are sometimes confused. Apart from common things like four legs, these are some of the differences between a wicker side table and a wicker nightstand in particular.

The wicker side table is generally the one which lacks one specific purpose. It can be moved to almost any room where you require it. They are generally to provide a space for reading glasses, newspaper, book or any other item.

On the other hand, a wicker nightstand is designed to stand beside or a bed or anywhere else in the bedroom. It can play a role of coffee table during nighttime hours or can be used to decorate it with lamps beside a bed.

Side tables provide a surface for temporary objects and serve useful at every place wherever they are kept. They are multi-purpose and can be used in a bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. It does not contain any sort of storage space, unlike wicker nightstands.

A wicker nightstand is fitted with a drawer that glides easily and has small enclosed shelves to provide a storage space. They can be termed as little cabinets kept beside a bed to keep things such as important papers, intercom, medicines, bed sheets, cushion covers, bedtime story tales of your kids, etc.

Wicker side tables are light in weight compared to wicker nightstand. This is because the nightstands have a storage space which makes it heavy. The tables have just one layer surface which is suitable to hold things. Because the additional space the quantum of wood in the nightstand is more than in side table making the latter light in weight.

The wicker side tables come in variety of sizes. Some are equal to the waist height of the average adult while some are below. You can choose the one which is most suitable to your requirement. The tables with long height are feasible if you want to use it while standing. The tables with short height generally go well with seating. Also some of the wicker side tables are rectangular, some are square in shape and some are even circular. This ensures that the table perfectly fits into the idle space in your home.

Wicker Nightstand

The wicker nightstand table comes in standard measurement. They can’t be circular as they stand alongside the bed. They are mostly square as they have the little cabinets inside it. Also they are not long in height. They are below the height of the bed.

You can shop for tables and nightstands with confidence at Both of these wicker tables can add a versatile addition to your décor!

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