Top 5 Wicker Furniture Pieces for Your Living Room

If you want a quick way to update the look of your living room decor, then why not consider wicker furniture? The natural, earthy look of wicker living room furniture can mesh well with all kinds of home decor and wall colors.

Wicker furniture is known for its durability can is extremely easy to maintain. Your living room is that space of your house where you want to sit comfortably with you friends and loved ones and have a nice time. Therefore it is vital that you furnish your living room wisely and create the perfect ambiance.

Here are 5 wicker furniture pieces which can breathe fresh air into your living room.

Wicker Loveseat
A nicely crafted wicker loveseat can be an excellent way of furnishing your living room. An all white wicker love seat with sea green cushions would give your living room an exotic look, while a brown wicker love seat with off white cushions would bring that much sought-after class and elegance. Enjoy a movie with your partner on a chic and comfortable wicker loveseat. If you ever get tired of its look, change the cushion fabric to any color you’d like with custom replacement cushions.

Living Room Wicker Furniture

Wicker Sofa
Wicker sofas are the latest furniture trend where you can comfortably stretch out for an afternoon nap. When fitted with the right cushions they are extremely comfortable—make sure to pick a fabric color that complements your living room decor. If you want to stick to traditional looks, then consider choosing a brown sofa with striped fabric for a little flair.

Wicker Rocking Chair
This is a must-have wicker furniture piece for anyone who loves to relax. Enjoy a novel while lying on your wicker rocking chair on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or watch the sun go down from your window while sipping a cup of tea. A wicker rocking chair is a must buy for people who want to spend quality time sitting in their living room. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs and their welded aluminum frames makes them suitable for outdoor use as well.

Living Room Wicker Furniture

Wicker Coffee table
This elegant little piece of furniture can easily complement your wicker sofa. Place it in front of your wicker loveseat or sofa, and use it as a place for resting your bowl of popcorn or glass of beer. Wicker coffee tables come with a lower shelf which can be used for storing magazines and coasters.

Wicker Racks and Wicker Shelves
A living room also needs a space for keeping your favorite books. Choose a well-designed rectangular wicker rack or wicker shelves in black or brown and place in it a sunny corner of your living room. It would not just fill up your empty corner, but will also increase your storage space.

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How to Arrange a Patio Using Wicker Sectional Furniture

Wicker Sectional Loveseat

Sectionals can be a great alternative to classic furniture, and outdoor wicker sectional sets are no exception. With selections ranging from wicker sectional sofas to loveseats to curved sectional sets, you can use outdoor wicker sectional furniture to complete almost any size patio.

Wicker sectional furniture can be large and dominate a space, or it can be sleek and streamlined. How you arrange your wicker sectional furniture depends on how many pieces you have and the size of each piece. Here are some tips for arranging your patio with outdoor wicker sectional furniture.

Choose Your Pieces
Sectional furniture can be an easy seating solution, but you should choose your wicker sectional pieces wisely so that it suits your space. Individual sofa sections are versatile options that you can easily shift, move around, and combine. And the best part is, if you ever get bored of the space you can simply change it up!

Lloyd Flanders Sectional Furniture

Make it Comfortable
The most important part of arranging any patio furniture is balance. Arrange large wicker sectional furniture with smaller pieces like individual chairs, chaise lounges, or end tables to create a full set without overtaking your space too much.

Go for Convenience
For any patio, your wicker sectional furniture arrangement should be comfortable and convenient to navigate and enjoy. Your seating should be easily accessible, but it also shouldn’t block up your patio. Place your wicker sectional furniture in a convenient location like one end of the patio looking out toward your garden for a spacious feeling. Or place your wicker sectional set opposite a grill or outdoor dining set to allow plenty of space between.

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