Top 4 Wicker Bedroom Furniture Pieces

White Indoor Wicker Furniture
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This might be surprising, but there are lots ways to use wicker furniture in your home. Not least of which is the wicker bedroom furniture trend.

Mixing interesting woven texture with traditional or even modern styles, wicker bedroom furniture pieces can add an extra air of elegance to any home.

Wicker Headboard
Your bedroom will have a unique centerpiece with a wicker headboard. Available in unique designs, patterns, and colors, the most popular materials are wicker weave, rattan, and teak. Attractive pillow covers and decor friendly bed sheets add more beauty to this area.

Wicker Vanity
A wicker vanity table can be one of the most stunning accessories in your bedroom. Wicker vanity sets are available in various sizes. Larger vanity tables look amazing if you have more free space, but for smaller areas, vanities with two or four drawers and a small mirror will still look great. Here are more reasons for incorporating a wicker vanity into your bedroom.

Wicker Nightstand
Every bedroom needs a nightstand, but one must always buy quality products. A wicker bedside table or wicker nightstand will add more grace and elegance to your bedroom décor. It can serve many purposes such as holding an alarm clock or keeping a book by your bed. Bedside tables are available with lightweight construction and in a variety of sizes so you can pick a matching piece for your bedroom.

Indoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker Wardrobe or Armoire
A quality wicker wardrobe or wicker armoire can be a beautiful place to keep your clothing, accessories, or other items. Wicker wardrobes are available in different colors, designs, sizes and styles; you can easily buy the one that fulfils your space requirements. Unsure of the difference between a wicker wardrobe and a wicker armoire? We answer that question in this blog.

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What’s the Difference Between a Wicker Wardrobe and a Wicker Armoire?

Indoor Wicker Wardrobe

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and wondered how to use it? Have you ever wondered the difference between a wicker wardrobe and a wicker armoire? Here are a few answers to help with these questions.

Characteristics of Wardrobes and Armoires
A wardrobe and armoire are generally similar furniture pieces but some differences do exist on the basis of features, characteristics, and usage. Armoires are usually of large size and possess more shelves including some hanging rails. Wardrobes provide more hanging rails with fewer shelves.

Both these items have more similarities than differences, but wicker wardrobes are generally less spacious and have more hanging rails than drawers so they are useful for clothes storage. Wicker armoires are larger sized and include more drawers and hanging rails. They can also store more accessories than wardrobes.

Basic Usage
Both are available in wicker material but can serve different purposes. Generally armoires are considered more flexible because they can be used in a variety of ways including clothes storage and to host electronics such as TVs or computers. Wardrobes are intended for a single purpose, such as clothes storage due to their smaller size and less space.

Wardrobes are mostly used for storage of accessories and clothes. They usually serve the purpose of additional closet space and are useful in those rooms where you have insufficient space for storage. They generally have a mirror fixed on the door that can help people get ready.

Armoires however are tall cabinets that have two doors and long hanging rods for clothes. These pieces are bulkier and more spacious; people love to include them as essential part of their bedroom decor. Designed with simple yet graceful appearance, you can easily find both wicker wardrobes and wicker armoires in a variety of online shops.

Use in Entertainment
This is one of the major differences between a wicker wardrobe and wicker armoire. These large storage spaces are sometimes referred to as entertainment armoires and they can remain

Indoor Wicker Armoire

open while watching TV. On the other hand, wardrobes cannot easily serve the purpose of entertainment because of their smaller size and less room. Wicker wardrobes are usually intended for storage of clothes and similar kind of accessories.

Generally people love to use these pieces as additional storage space in their bedrooms, but they can be useful to store kids’ toys, dishes, and more. Indoor wicker furniture is designed to provide an attractive appearance with stylish designs for any room in your home, no matter what name it goes by.

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How to Use Wicker Bedroom Furniture in Your Bedroom

Indoor Wicker Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom of your house or apartment is your sanctuary from bustle of everyday life. You need to choose carefully if you’re looking for stylish, comfortable, and relaxing bedroom furniture. The bed is surely the primary piece of furniture in your bedroom, so consider the many options available from wood to rattan to wicker.

Rattan Headboards Look Great in Your Bedroom
The all-natural weaves of a fine rattan bed would add a tropical flavor to your bedroom and elevate the mood of your room. Rattan beds and rattan headboards are available in a wide range of colors and models. They can also be repainted or varnished to make it look like new even after years of use.

Wicker Beds are Unique
A wicker bed breathes in air of freshness into your room and comes with the same comfort and convenience of a conventional wooden bed. A nicely dyed and braided wicker bed would complement any other furniture in your bedroom. Choose your mattresses and pillows wisely so that it matches the look of your wicker bed. Wicker bedside tables are a great way of complementing the look of your wicker bed and it would give your bedroom the look of a sumptuous country house.

Wicker Bedroom Furniture Can Create a New Look
You can highlight the rustic look of your bedroom by going for a decorative mural and even accessories like wicker lampshades. Or you could choose to go for a wicker bed trunk by the side of your wicker bed as a unit for storing your pillows and linens. A well-designed wicker bedroom set would add a bohemian touch to your room.

Wicker Beds Will Last
One of the best aspects of a wicker bed is the fact that it doesn’t require much maintenance. All you need to do is wipe them with a moist cloth to remove the dust and it would look like new.

Indoor Wicker Bedroom Frniture

Wicker beds are extremely durable and also very easy to maintain. They can be painted anytime to match the color palette of your room. You can also choose to leave it with its normal look and seal it with varnish.

One can spruce up the look of their bedroom by going for a chic wicker headboard. Wicker headboards are cheap yet fantastic and can help you save a lot of money which you otherwise have to spend on a pricey bed frame.

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3 Stylish Vanity Furniture Ideas

Vanity Set

Vanities can be the centerpiece of your bedroom or bathroom. They gracefully and stylishly hold all the jewelry, makeup, and delicate items that you may require to dress up, and add a touch of glamour to any setting. One of the best parts about having a vanity table is that it offers a lot of storage space. If you’re simply not good at organizing and de-cluttering, then a beautiful vanity will help keep clutter out of the sight!

Vanity sets are becoming so popular these days that we thought we should provide a few ideas about how to use them in your home.

Vanity sets can come in a variety of materials and finishes. Whether you purchase a wooden or wicker vanity, ensure that your furniture is high quality and made to last. Wicker vanities are a great choice because they’re versatile and easy to maintain. Also be sure to choose a sturdy vanity bench that is comfortable.

Vanities can be painted in a variety of colors to give it a wonderful look. Paint also helps make vanity tables resistant to UV rays and prevents them from fading. You can have your vanity polished and painted to match your interiors, or you can choose a shade that pops. For instance a coat of navy paint along with gold hardware will create a dramatic look.

Some prefer open fronted vanity sets. Simple flat-top vanities can be made stylish by hiding the clutter in pretty wicker baskets. These baskets are available in number of colors and sizes which are easy accessible and feasible to be stored under the open shelves. The baskets complement the color

Wicker Vanity Table

scheme and can give a contemporary look even to your vintage vanities or wicker vanity table.

Now bid adieu to the heap of sundries which used clutter up your bedroom or bathroom. Put your makeup kit, perfumes, lotions, jewelry and other such things in a pretty, efficient space. Get things organized with these vanity ideas so that you can have everything you need in one stylish spot.

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