Better Beach Style for Your Home

Whether you live along the east coast, west coast, or even no coast at all, the beachfront look can be a wonderful trend for your home. This blog  can help you get ready to decorate your home in a beach theme for spring. If you’re worried about the look tipping over into theme park, below are some tips for making the most of your home’s beach style without going overboard.

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Irightt’s Only Natural
When choosing furniture for your beach style cabana, go for natural or natural looking fabrics and materials like woven fabrics, wicker, and drift wood. This will keep your home looking light and airy.

Lighten Up
Keep your rooms looking fresh by decorating in a lighter color palette. White is the perfect base, and it can easily be paired with beige, light blue, and coral.

Bright and Sunny
Emphasize natural lighting and let in as much light as you can with window shade options like linen or slatted wood. Arrange your furniture so that it faces large windows to capture as much of the light as possible.

Get Nautical
Try not to go too over the top, but adding a few nautical touches and accessories here and there can really make a difference. Items like shells, large flat-leaved foliage, anchors, and lanterns all fit a nautical theme and can be used tastefully.

Earn Your Stripes
Blue and white stripes, chevrons, or even anchor patterns fit right at home in any beach motif. Choose an accent pillow or floor rug in one of these patterns for a subtle touch.

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Prepare Your Patio for Spring: Part 2

With spring just around the corner, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you get your outdoor furniture ready to enjoy. Follow these easy steps to ensure your furniture is spotless—then check out the infographic at the bottom of this post for an easy reminder of a few important rules for cleaning your outdoor furniture.

Did you miss part one in this series? Find the post on cleaning tips for your patio here.

Choose the Right Cleaning Supplies
It’s time to break out and scrub down your outdoor furniture. Each type of furniture will have its own cleaning requirements, so consult the manufacturer before you attempt to use any cleaning products.

You usually can’t go wrong with very mild detergents like Dawn soap on materials such as wicker and fabric cushions. Use a gentle water spray and a soft sponge to clear off dirt and debris.

 Air It Out
Remember to prop the cushions up when you’re done so that they can air dry evenly—never apply heat to any outdoor furniture so that you don’t melt or burn the fabric. While most cushions are mildew-resistant, this method will ensure that no moisture is trapped between the cushion and your furniture.

Seal the Deal
Now that your outdoor wicker furniture is sparkling clean, protect your investment with the right sealer. For wicker, plastic, or polywood materials, car wipes such as Armor All can help protect from collecting dust or other particles. For natural materials like teak or wood, use teak or linseed oil as a natural sealant.

Have Quality Furniture Covers Ready
The last thing you want to do is bring out your wicker furniture for spring, only to have more snowfall or heavy rain. Invest in quality outdoor furniture covers that will resist these unforeseen weather events. Follow The Patio’s guide to choosing the right outdoor furniture cover for some great tips.

Feel free to use the infographic below as an easy reminder of these tips. If you found this post helpful, then continue to follow The Patio each week for part two, or sign up at to receive our weekly newsletter.



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Prepare Your Patio for Spring: Part 1

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to make sure your patio is in tip-top shape. This is part one of our two-part series for easy ways to get your outdoor space ready to see the sunshine. Next week’s blog will cover how to prep your outdoor furniture for spring, so stay tuned!

pinterestFrom Bottom to Top
Start with a clean slate. Move everything off of the porch or patio first so you can reach every corner. Remember to reach eye-level places like window sills, door frames, or any spots directly next to where your guests will be seated. Also don’t forget to clean umbrella tops before you put them up for the season so the sun won’t reflect grimy shadows.

Apply Some Elbow Grease
Spray down the entirety of your patio and even your vinyl siding with a high-pressure hose. This will clear away dirt and debris without having to resort to using harsh chemicals.

Sand down splintered wood and replace broken tiles or boards. Have dirty grouted tiles or hard-to-reach cracks? Get right into them with a stiff-bristled brush if you find that the dirt is especially stubborn.

Make Your Hard Work Last
If you have a wooden porch or deck, consider sprucing it up with a new coat of deck stain or sealer. Simply sprinkle water on your deck to test whether the wood can absorb sealer or finish—If it soaks in and doesn’t bead up, your deck is ready for sealer. Remember not to apply deck product directly in the sunlight as it will usually dry up before it has a chance to absorb into the wood.

You can also seal tile or stone patios so that they maintain their gorgeous look. Find the right sealer products at your local home improvement store.

Now let’s get ready for a great spring! If you found this post helpful, then check back into The Patio each week for part two, or sign up at to receive our weekly newsletter.

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