Prepare Your Patio for Spring: Part 2

With spring just around the corner, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you get your outdoor furniture ready to enjoy. Follow these easy steps to ensure your furniture is spotless—then check out the infographic at the bottom of this post for an easy reminder of a few important rules for cleaning your outdoor furniture.

Did you miss part one in this series? Find the post on cleaning tips for your patio here.

Choose the Right Cleaning Supplies
It’s time to break out and scrub down your outdoor furniture. Each type of furniture will have its own cleaning requirements, so consult the manufacturer before you attempt to use any cleaning products.

You usually can’t go wrong with very mild detergents like Dawn soap on materials such as wicker and fabric cushions. Use a gentle water spray and a soft sponge to clear off dirt and debris.

 Air It Out
Remember to prop the cushions up when you’re done so that they can air dry evenly—never apply heat to any outdoor furniture so that you don’t melt or burn the fabric. While most cushions are mildew-resistant, this method will ensure that no moisture is trapped between the cushion and your furniture.

Seal the Deal
Now that your outdoor wicker furniture is sparkling clean, protect your investment with the right sealer. For wicker, plastic, or polywood materials, car wipes such as Armor All can help protect from collecting dust or other particles. For natural materials like teak or wood, use teak or linseed oil as a natural sealant.

Have Quality Furniture Covers Ready
The last thing you want to do is bring out your wicker furniture for spring, only to have more snowfall or heavy rain. Invest in quality outdoor furniture covers that will resist these unforeseen weather events. Follow The Patio’s guide to choosing the right outdoor furniture cover for some great tips.

Feel free to use the infographic below as an easy reminder of these tips. If you found this post helpful, then continue to follow The Patio each week for part two, or sign up at to receive our weekly newsletter.



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Find the Right Outdoor Wicker Furniture Cover

Winter is upon us—time to ensure your patio furniture is protected from the weather. If you haven’t yet covered your outdoor furniture, this guide can help you make the right furniture cover choice.

Shop by Rating

When shopping for outdoor furniture covers, keep in mind that some cover companies have “good, better, and best” ratings for their collections. These ratings FEATUREDare typically based on criteria such as breathability, water and dust resistance, and durability.

For instance, the outdoor furniture cover company KoverRoos has Tyvek (good), SupraRoos (better), and WeatherMax (best). Usually, they offer the same set of dimensions within each collection. If you live in a dry climate and need a lightweight cover to keep the dust off, a cover with a good rating may work for you. If you’re in a cold or damp climate, consider choosing more durable, weather-resistant covers.

Measuring Your Furniture

A good tip for finding the right furniture cover is that you never want to measure too small. The material will not usually stretch, as there may be a plastic or PVC lining that helps make it water resistant.

Allow a few inches of wiggle room for each dimension. So for example, if you have a sofa that is 80” wide, 36” deep, and 36” tall, you would want a cover that is 80-82” wide by 36-38” deep and 31-34” tall.

Mind the Length

You don’t want your covers to touch the ground for a couple of reasons. Covers usually have air vents or side vents that allow air to come up and out from the bottom of the cover. This helps whisk away any moisture that may be inside.

Covers that touch the ground will get wet and not easily dry out, which can lead to mold or mildew. Though your furniture and fabric may be mildew rated, this long-term wetness could eventually break down the cover material.

Protect Your Investment

Your furniture is made to last, but outdoor furniture covers are made to protect your wicker patio furniture investment. It’s important to remember that covers will fade and weather with time. Better the cover than your favorite piece of outdoor furniture.

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