10 Tips for Hosting a Great Patio Party

There isn’t a better way of meeting and having a terrific time with your favorite friends and neighbors after a long uneventful season than by throwing a great

Outdoor Patio
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patio party. So, in case you’ve been thinking about hosting a patio party this season, we give you a list of top 10 tips that would make your party a success.

The Big Plan

You might not be a person who is used to planning a big event, but the desire to throw a great patio party can be a big responsibility. Prepare a party checklist before you begin to make sure that you’ll have everything you need and stay on budget.

Get It Together
Get started with pre-organizing tasks by getting rid of the clutter both inside and outside of your house. Clean the pool, mow the garden, clean the bathroom, lay down rugs for people making trips inside, and make sure that everything is in an ideal space.

The Decor
A patio theme party needs to be more than just great barbecue setting and big green plant urns. Try out something closer to your heart. For instance you can add a little drama to your space by adding outdoor fire pits or can try out paper decorations for a great summer patio party.

Choose a Theme
Nothing works better than a well thought themed patio party for sure. Choose a color theme, a special outfit theme, beach theme or cocktail theme to add more drama and fun elements to your party.

Choose Comfortable Furniture
Patio parties are all about relaxing and having fun, so one must not forget to choose the right outdoor furniture. Comfortable chairs, sofas or a collection of

Outdoor Wicker Furniture
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decorative floor pillows would play a major role in giving your guests the time of their lives.

Plan the Menu
A patio party would seem incomplete without a grill, barbeque, or cooking space, so don’t forget to install one. Also be sure to fill up a large cooler with ice so that your guests can help themselves in serving cool beverages of their choice. Choose the menu wisely and add a few deserts in order to increase the variety of food.

The Beverages
Patio parties are generally about relaxing and having a good time and drinks and beverages play a major role in ensuring the same. Don’t forget to closely plan out the menu of drinks that would be served in your party. Add beer, wine, mock-tails, cocktails and soft drinks depending on the theme and budget of your party.

Arrange the Perfect Music
Music is the life of every party and a patio party is no exception. Good music in the background will help create liveliness in your party. Curate a playlist that fits the theme and indicates when guests should start heading home for the night.

Plan Outdoor Games
In case you are a fan of lively and fun patio parties, do consider adding a few outdoor games to your party that match the theme. A good game of volleyball, football or Frisbee would add a lot of fun.

Keep a Back-up Plan
No matter how well you plan, there are still few uncertainties hovering over your party at all times. So, we suggest you to keep a back up on the food, music and games end to avoid any hardships later on.

So don’t wait any longer, take a cue from these tips and plan a fabulous patio party today.

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How to Build a Patio Water Fountain

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A softly trickling outdoor water fountain for your patio can be an interesting addition to your home. However the project doesn’t have to be stressful; you can set up a cute little water fountain out of your leftover garden ornaments in just a few hours. In this article we are going to take you through a simple fountain design which will require some basic skills and can decorate your patio by the end of the day. Try out this basic water fountain idea and add a dash of life to your outdoor patio.

Making a Patio Water Fountain Out of Flower pots

This project will require four earthen saucers: one 14-inch saucer, one 7-inch sauce, one 6-inch saucer, and one 4-inch saucer. You will also need two flower pots of 6 inches and 4 inches. Also you will need a half-inch rubber tubing, a basic fountain pump which you should be able to get at most home improvement stores, a clear spray sealant and a silicon sealant, a drill, and a round file.

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• The first step involves the preparation of the base. The inside of the 14-inch saucer needs to be sprayed with the spray sealant. Apply one coat and let it dry followed by another. Spray 3 coats in total.

• Next you need to file and drill your saucers and flower pots. It’s better to soak them in water for some time as it will make it easier to drill and shape them. Now, drill a half-inch hole into your 7-inch saucer that’s big enough to insert the rubber tubing. Place a wooden block under the pot for additional support. Now file four notches on the lips of your 6-inch pot and on one of the 4-inch saucers. Large notches should be filed in downward angles on the 7-inch, 6-inch, and one of the 4-inch saucers. They are going to act as downspouts.

• The next step involves assembling the main fountain. Place the pump on your 14-inch saucer. After attaching the rubber tube through the pump, slide the tube up and insert it through the hole you drilled in your 6-inch pot. Keep the pot upside down while inserting the tube. Now the pot needs to be arranged in a way which will allow the cord of the pump to get through any one of the notches filed on the flower pot parts. Next you need to position the 7-inch saucer on the top with its face up. The extra bit of tube has to be trimmed. Make sure that you leave half an inch at least and then seal off the edge of the tube with the silicon sealant.

• Now the rest of the fountain needs to be assembled. The 4-inch pot needs to be placed upside down and it has to be topped with the 6-inch saucer and the 4-inch saucer with the lips filed goes on top of the 4-inch saucer without cuts. Now the pots and saucers needs to be arranged in such a way which would allow the downspouts to flow onto each other. Now place the 4-inch saucer with notches upside down in a way which allow the hole to be covered up with the tube.

• If you have executed this project perfectly then the water would be pumped up from the base, flow into the 7-inch saucer first, followed by the 6-inch and 4-inch saucers and then back down to the 14-inch saucer until the process is repeated. Try making the notches bigger if you face circulation issues.
Now you can add a final touch by filling your saucer with pebbles and stones and adding a few plants or other decorations.

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Prepare Your Patio for Spring: Part 1

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to make sure your patio is in tip-top shape. This is part one of our two-part series for easy ways to get your outdoor space ready to see the sunshine. Next week’s blog will cover how to prep your outdoor furniture for spring, so stay tuned!

pinterestFrom Bottom to Top
Start with a clean slate. Move everything off of the porch or patio first so you can reach every corner. Remember to reach eye-level places like window sills, door frames, or any spots directly next to where your guests will be seated. Also don’t forget to clean umbrella tops before you put them up for the season so the sun won’t reflect grimy shadows.

Apply Some Elbow Grease
Spray down the entirety of your patio and even your vinyl siding with a high-pressure hose. This will clear away dirt and debris without having to resort to using harsh chemicals.

Sand down splintered wood and replace broken tiles or boards. Have dirty grouted tiles or hard-to-reach cracks? Get right into them with a stiff-bristled brush if you find that the dirt is especially stubborn.

Make Your Hard Work Last
If you have a wooden porch or deck, consider sprucing it up with a new coat of deck stain or sealer. Simply sprinkle water on your deck to test whether the wood can absorb sealer or finish—If it soaks in and doesn’t bead up, your deck is ready for sealer. Remember not to apply deck product directly in the sunlight as it will usually dry up before it has a chance to absorb into the wood.

You can also seal tile or stone patios so that they maintain their gorgeous look. Find the right sealer products at your local home improvement store.

Now let’s get ready for a great spring! If you found this post helpful, then check back into The Patio each week for part two, or sign up at WickerCentral.com to receive our weekly newsletter.

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at thepatio@wickercentral.com.


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Find the Right Outdoor Wicker Furniture Cover

Winter is upon us—time to ensure your patio furniture is protected from the weather. If you haven’t yet covered your outdoor furniture, this guide can help you make the right furniture cover choice.

Shop by Rating

When shopping for outdoor furniture covers, keep in mind that some cover companies have “good, better, and best” ratings for their collections. These ratings FEATUREDare typically based on criteria such as breathability, water and dust resistance, and durability.

For instance, the outdoor furniture cover company KoverRoos has Tyvek (good), SupraRoos (better), and WeatherMax (best). Usually, they offer the same set of dimensions within each collection. If you live in a dry climate and need a lightweight cover to keep the dust off, a cover with a good rating may work for you. If you’re in a cold or damp climate, consider choosing more durable, weather-resistant covers.

Measuring Your Furniture

A good tip for finding the right furniture cover is that you never want to measure too small. The material will not usually stretch, as there may be a plastic or PVC lining that helps make it water resistant.

Allow a few inches of wiggle room for each dimension. So for example, if you have a sofa that is 80” wide, 36” deep, and 36” tall, you would want a cover that is 80-82” wide by 36-38” deep and 31-34” tall.

Mind the Length

You don’t want your covers to touch the ground for a couple of reasons. Covers usually have air vents or side vents that allow air to come up and out from the bottom of the cover. This helps whisk away any moisture that may be inside.

Covers that touch the ground will get wet and not easily dry out, which can lead to mold or mildew. Though your furniture and fabric may be mildew rated, this long-term wetness could eventually break down the cover material.

Protect Your Investment

Your furniture is made to last, but outdoor furniture covers are made to protect your wicker patio furniture investment. It’s important to remember that covers will fade and weather with time. Better the cover than your favorite piece of outdoor furniture.

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at thepatio@wickercentral.com.

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