How to Clean White Wicker Furniture

A white wicker furniture set can be a beautiful addition to your home, whether indoors or outdoors. It adds a classic charm that is sure to transform any room into a traditionally attractive space.

Nonetheless, it’s almost autumn, and with long-term use of white wicker furniture over the summer, it is inevitable that it will have accumulated some dust and dirt. It’s time to clean your white wicker furniture in time for fall.

White Wicker Furniture

Step-by-Step Instructions

The first thing that you have to do before cleaning white wicker furniture is to gather all of the materials that you will need, including warm water, a bucket, a soft cloth, gentle and environmentally friendly dish soap, and a garden hose if your wicker furniture is for outdoor use.

Once you have all the materials ready, you can now begin. Make sure to remove all cushions and covers first. Take the furniture outdoors, particularly in an area with ample amount of space. In a bucket filled with one gallon of water, mix some of the dish soap. Apply the mixture on a brush and gently scrub the surfaces of the furniture, paying special attention to spots where dirt is most concentrated.

White Wicker Chair

Afterward, rinse the white wicker furniture with a garden hose. Make sure that the water pressure is set to low in order to avoid damage. Wipe the furniture clean with a soft cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly before placing the cushions back.

Cleaning Tips

There are some important things that should be remembered when cleaning white wicker furniture. One of the most important is to use only natural cleaning products. This is not only eco-friendly, but will also make sure that it is not harsh on the furniture. Since it is white, if you use chemicals that are too strong, it can possibly lead into discoloration.

When the wicker furniture is wet, especially after cleaning, make sure to have it completely dried. If you accidentally spill liquid on it, make sure to wipe it off as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage.

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4 Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Patio Tiles

Outdoor Patio

Having a patio on your property is a great addition to any home. Like all other parts of your home, however, this one also needs special cares in order to look good. If you want to preserve your patio in good condition for a long period of time, you will have to clean and maintain your tiles regularly.

After a certain period of time, you will notice that the tiles of your patio look old and dingy. Since you probably use them on a daily basis, it is normal to see that they already look too worn out. And since you want your patio accessories, outdoor furniture, and wicker patio furniture to reside in a great looking space, it’s important to pay attention to your tiles.

Replacing them with new ones will cost you a lot not just because of all the new materials you will have to get, but also because you will have to hire professionals for the job. There is another way you can restore the good looks of your patio tiles through a simple cleaning.

No matter how well you take care of your patio tiles, sooner or later you will notice that they don’t look as good as they used to. You can change that by performing one thorough cleaning with special supplies. The cleaning of your patio tiles is very important because it will not only remove the unpleasant grime, but it will also prolong the life of your tiles in the future. In order to get the most effective results, here is what you can do:

Make a schedule
Nothing will be more effective than the regular cleaning of the patio tiles in your home. You can make a special schedule which will prevent the accumulation of pollution and the ruining of the good looks of your patio tiles. It is enough to take care of the thorough disinfection of this part of your property at least once a week. It doesn’t matter which day of the week you choose for the performance of the cleaning, so this decision depends only on you. If you want, you can also hire professionals every once in a while.

Purchase eco-friendly supplies
It is also very important what kind of products you use for the cleaning of the delicate surface of your patio tiles. The high price of the supplies you see in the shops, however, can’t guarantee the good quality of the product. It is best to avoid the supplies which contain strong and very dangerous chemicals because they can make the colors of your tiles fade away faster and also harm the plants which are close to the patio. Therefore, it is best to use eco-friendly ones which won’t be dangerous for your patio tiles and for your health as well.

Try preparing your own special cleaning products
Preparing your own special cleaning blends is also an option. For the purpose you will need simple ingredients which won’t cost a lot of money. A combination of bleach and water in a bucket is a good idea, because it will remove entirely all old stains and pollution. You can substitute the bleach with white vinegar, if you are too worried about the condition of your patio tiles.

Use the right tools
You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the tools you use for the cleaning. For most effective results you can use a power washer, if possible. Also make sure that you have a special broom which won’t be very stiff and won’t scratch the surface of the tiles.

The most important rule, however, is to take care of the presentable look of your patio the same way you take care of your home. By paying attention to the small details, you will be able to preserve the tiles of your patio in good condition for longer. You can save a lot of money by simply spending a couple of hours in cleaning.

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How to Use Flowers and Plants to Decorate your Patio


Patios and porches are seasonal areas, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. A lot of people enjoy decorating their patio with flowers since this adds warmth and color. There are many flowers and plants that are perfect for patio areas, depending on your space, climate, and how much time you want to spend caring for them.

Container Flowers for your Patio
If you really want to place container flowers on your patio, make sure that it will provide an attractive enhancement to your setting. These lovely flowers can provide a natural and softer look by bringing beauty and color. Before you select plants for the containers, you need to consider the overall effect including placement and space. For instance, if you have selected to plant highly fragrant flowers surrounding the patio, this might bring ants, bees, and wasps. If you happen to have a family member that is suffering from an allergy, it would be better if you consider other alternatives. You need to be careful of highly toxic plants for your household pets. These include cyclamen, lilies, tulips, ivy and chrysanthemums. This only means that you also need to think about the danger when making a decision.

Garden Plants for Your Patio
If both function and looks appeal to you, you might want to research food producing plants which can be placed in the patio container. Bear in mind that a pleasant palette of shapes, forms, and colors can be established through combinations of various fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers. By simply researching about companion planting basic principles, gardeners can immediately find out that plants such as lettuces grow well with almost all other plants, and foods such as onion and strawberries get along really well with it too. Just make sure that the neighboring plants will not leech possible hazardous materials in the soil.

Seasonal Flowers for Your Patio
If you really desire flowers, you can select season-long bloomers and apply principles in flower arranging to make the right decision. For instance, a gardener needs to select plants which


provide some shade, fill and height. In fact, this is how a florist establishes a successful composition. If you have premium ground space in the area, try making use of large containers and planting boxes rather than bed planting. Bamboo, tall shrubs, ornamental grasses and small trees can be placed in a large container. These planting boxes can be anchored to a trellis and are ideal for vines like Virginia creeper, clematis, climbing hydrangea or ivy.

The selected vines must not be invasive and must be a good conductor of light. Lilacs and viburnum are plants which grow tall, but necessitate little maintenance. Furthermore, they have fragrant and attractive smelling flowers. Be sure that whatever flowers or plants you choose complement our decor and outdoor patio furniture.

There are lots of things that you can do to make the area more attractive and vibrant. You just need to do a little bit of research for you to understand which flowers and plants will work best for your patio and which do not.

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How to Hang a Wicker Porch Swing

Wicker Porch Swing

There’s something very relaxing about having a wicker porch swing in your home. A solo swing chair can be a great place to just relax while listening to your music or reading a book, and a wicker porch swing for two can be a cozy place for couples.

Thanks to the creativity of wicker patio furniture designers, there is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and looks for these kinds of wicker porch swings. No matter what aesthetic you choose, you’re certain to find a wicker porch swing that’s right for you. Here are a few things to consider when you want to hang a wicker porch swing in your home.

Assemble Your Wicker Porch Swing First
Many of the measurements that need to be done will depend on the final size and shape of the wicker porch swing. The best way to get a handle on these is to fully assemble the wicker porch swing before doing anything else. This will also be a good time to go over the instructions and information which came with the wicker porch swing to see if there are any which already provide guidance on swing attachment, load capacities, drill point distances and other relevant information. Since each wicker porch swing design is different, be sure to follow any given instructions as closely as possible.

Address Wicker Porch Swing Safety
Given the way a wicker porch swing works, there are some safety issues at play that need to be identified and addressed. Find out the load capacity of the wicker porch swing. If not expressly stated, you can measure the weight of the swing and add the estimated weight of the maximum number of passengers, with some added weight as a buffer. If the swing is good for one person, add around three hundred pounds to the weight of the chair. Double that for a two person wicker porch swing and so on.

This weight is important because you will need to make sure that the chosen beam has the strength to support it, and the chain or rope that connects the wicker porch swing to the beam should also be strong enough to handle that weight.

Clearance is another thing to consider. Since a wicker porch swing will trace out an arc, and may also swing somewhat from side to side, you need to choose a place for where the chair will not crash into walls, railings, or something else. Ideally, there should be a circle around the swing with a diameter of about four to six feet to prevent any accidents.

Hang the Wicker Porch Swing
Connecting hardware at the support beam will usually involve eye bolts book-ended by washers, with lock nuts to keep everything in place. S-hooks can then be

Wicker Porch Swing

run through the eye bolts, and the lengths of chain or rope can be attached to these hooks. The hooks are meant to reduce noise, as well as wear and tear, which should increase the effective life of the components.

Ideally, the rear of the wicker porch swing should hang an inch lower than the front, in the case of longer wicker swing porch seating, for increased comfort. Also, make sure that people sitting on the wicker porch swing can plant their feet on the floor. A seventeen-inch clearance from the ground is a good place to start. Follow the included instructions for attaching the chain or rope to the swing itself.

When all of this is done properly, you and your loved ones will have access to a lovely wicker porch swing, which will offer safe relaxation for many years.

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