Why Your Backyard Needs a Zen Garden

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As Zen Buddhism traveled through China and into Japan, it brought with it the beauty of the zen garden. These gardens are designed to promote peaceful contemplation, leading to reflection and meditation.  You needn’t be Buddhist to find peace by building a zen garden in your backyard, but one thing is for sure: these gardens can add serious wow-factor to your outdoor space.

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The Structure of Zen

Asian Landscape by Detroit Design-Build Firms Daryl Toby – AguaFina Gardens International

In one small space, the world can be examined and meditated upon — the mountain, the land, the sun, and the shadows. As you rake the land structures each day, think about your own world and how you need to order it as well.


Nearly Anywhere Can Support a Garden

Asian Landscape by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Whipple Russell Architects

This is a splendid example of design blended with Zen. The space, being mostly protected from the elements, will maintain the rakings and keep out most leaves and twigs. The structure supports the garden, and the garden beautifies the structure.



Japan Comes for a Permanent Visit

Asian Landscape by Other Metro Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Garden Mentors

This is a perfect rendition of a Tokyo zen garden. The use of the Shoji screens, as well as the plantings of moss and bamboo with the pebbles and the water features bring a total awareness of what the garden should be.



A Zen-Inspired Backyard

Asian Landscape by South West Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Katherine Roper Landscape & Garden Design

This corner of the backyard takes inspiration from the garden, along with space to sit and contemplate it all.



A Zen Masterpiece

Traditional Landscape by Napa Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Richard Kramer

This is a city lot design which promises true sustainability, low maintenance, and the real spirit of zen. Once the structures are put into place, this outdoor space will do well with only some occasional leaf sweeping.




A Zen Water Garden

Asian Pool by Boynton Beach Stone, Pavers & Concrete Yardco Rock and Stone

This stunning design allows the reflection of the sky, the statuary, and the fountains. The rock gardens and plantings encircle the pool, providing tranquility any time of day.

A Real Rock Garden

Asian Landscape by Adelaide Media & Bloggers Jeni Lee

This is a splendid example of a zen rock garden. Constructed with flat river rock and gravel, this took some significant planning.


Your Turn
Now we want to hear from you! Do you have a zen garden? Tell us about it in the comment below, and share your design tips and tricks.


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