How to Style a Wicker Sofa

Wicker Loveseat

Whether you are planning to style your interiors with indoor wicker furniture or looking for a good patio set for your garden, proper decoration plays the key role in designing a fabulous look.

Once you have purchased a set of wicker chairs, table, and sofas, it is important to style your sofa to ensure comfort as well stunning appearance. Remember, styling a wicker couch is not only limited to placing some cozy pillows on the sofa or chair; the items you place around your couch will also highly influence the look.

Here are some tips to decorate your wicker sofa to give your home a pristine designer makeover.

Try Contrasting Shades
The matching shades of a wicker couch and the cushions can give a bold appearance to the entire room. While purchasing a wicker couch set for a newly painted house, it is essential to consider the shades on the walls.

Today, many new homes generally have small living rooms that call for application of neutral colors on the walls. Suppose you have beige shades on the walls, then the ideal choice for wicker couch would be dark brown or a similar natural shade.

nci-tpExplore Creativity with the Cushions
When it comes to choosing cushions for the couch, you can have several arrangements. For single chairs, it is preferable to keep large and soft cushions. On the extended large sofa, you can have combination of large and small cushions placed in alternative alignment.

Generally, three large cushions will have two small cushions in the middle. You can also place three large pillows at the back and three small ones at the front. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes that suit your tastes.

Have Multiple Combos with Cushion Covers
Independent of the colors on your walls or your wicker furniture, you can have a combination of vibrant and light colors on your cushions. For instance, if you have chosen light colors for the big cushions, the small cushions can have brighter covers and vice versa. You can try covers with velvet material for winters. Richly embroidered bright cushion sets can give traditional styling to your rooms, complementing your antiques.

Arranging Tables with Your Wicker Sofa
Placing a wicker sofa set with a center table is a traditional interior décor idea. While you can serve tea and snacks here, you can fill up the empty corners with a couple of small rounded or square side tables. The place can be used for keeping scented candles, flower vases or even an antique piece. Well there are endless combinations you can try when it comes to couch styling. At the end of the day, your creativity and choices will always pave the way for trying innovative combinations that the guests will appreciate.

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Live the Luxurious Life – Upscale (and Affordable) Outdoor Wicker Daybeds

Have you ever dreamed of lounging poolside with a cocktail on a big pillowy outdoor wicker daybed?

Nothing says luxury like a beautiful wicker daybed. Whether it’s an upscale piece adorning your patio, an affordable addition that provides extra seating, one with a canopy for extra shade, or modern furniture overlooking your pool, there are lots of ways to incorporate a wicker daybed into your outdoor oasis.

Here are some of the most beautiful upscale and even affordable outdoor wicker daybeds on the market. These just might put a little luxury in your day.

Outdoor Wicker Daybed

Panama Jack Key Biscayne Outdoor Wicker Daybed
This petite little wicker daybed would look perfect on any small patio or porch.

Outdoor Wicker Daybed

Sunset West Cardiff 2 Piece Wicker Daybed
Expansive and luxurious, this large wicker daybed is two versatile pieces in one.

Outdoor Wicker Daybed

Dann Foley Bel Air Daybed with Cushions
One of the most modern wicker daybeds on the market, designer Dann Foley‘s premiere collection includes this gorgeous piece of outdoor wicker furniture.

Outdoor Wicker Daybed

Domus Ventures Wicker Luxor Large Lounge
How pretty is this outdoor wicker daybed with built-in canopy?

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How to Arrange a Patio Using Wicker Sectional Furniture

Wicker Sectional Loveseat

Sectionals can be a great alternative to classic furniture, and outdoor wicker sectional sets are no exception. With selections ranging from wicker sectional sofas to loveseats to curved sectional sets, you can use outdoor wicker sectional furniture to complete almost any size patio.

Wicker sectional furniture can be large and dominate a space, or it can be sleek and streamlined. How you arrange your wicker sectional furniture depends on how many pieces you have and the size of each piece. Here are some tips for arranging your patio with outdoor wicker sectional furniture.

Choose Your Pieces
Sectional furniture can be an easy seating solution, but you should choose your wicker sectional pieces wisely so that it suits your space. Individual sofa sections are versatile options that you can easily shift, move around, and combine. And the best part is, if you ever get bored of the space you can simply change it up!

Lloyd Flanders Sectional Furniture

Make it Comfortable
The most important part of arranging any patio furniture is balance. Arrange large wicker sectional furniture with smaller pieces like individual chairs, chaise lounges, or end tables to create a full set without overtaking your space too much.

Go for Convenience
For any patio, your wicker sectional furniture arrangement should be comfortable and convenient to navigate and enjoy. Your seating should be easily accessible, but it also shouldn’t block up your patio. Place your wicker sectional furniture in a convenient location like one end of the patio looking out toward your garden for a spacious feeling. Or place your wicker sectional set opposite a grill or outdoor dining set to allow plenty of space between.

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Why is Outdoor Wicker Furniture So Expensive?

If you’ve ever considered purchasing outdoor wicker furniture then you’ve probably asked yourself why outdoor wicker furniture is so expensive. There are many reasons why wicker furniture might be expensive, but there are actually many options out there that can fit a variety of budgets.

Get the luxury wicker furniture look at affordable wicker furniture prices with this buying guide.

Resin Wicker Furniture
The most important aspect that determines why outdoor wicker furniture is so expensive is material. Wicker is beautiful, but is not actually a material, it’s just a method of weaving. Resin wicker furniture, which is also known as all-weather wicker, is durable and long-lasting.

Resin wicker is primarily used for outdoor patio furniture and is fashioned to look like a wicker weave made of natural materials. Choose your materials carefully to make sure you’re getting the highest quality for the price that you’re paying.


Traditional Construction
Another important aspect to consider when determining why outdoor wicker furniture is so expensive is how it’s constructed. Aluminum frames are very common, but you can also find steel frames which are less durable. You’ll want to make sure that you take into account the wicker patio furniture’s frame when you make your purchase.

Custom Outdoor Cushions
Another reason why outdoor wicker furniture is so expensive is that most outdoor cushions are custom made to fit the wicker furniture piece to your style specifications. If you choose a fabric color that you like, the manufacturer most likely doesn’t have that specific cushion available for the furniture piece that you’ve chosen, and they must custom make it for your order. This can drive the price up.

To keep costs low, consider purchasing affordable wicker furniture with ready-made cushions or quick ship fabrics. These are more likely to be on-hand and less expensive than custom outdoor cushion options.

Modern Designs
Classic looking outdoor wicker furniture can be expensive and timeless, but you should also consider a modern look. Modern wicker furniture has clean lines and is easy to make and transport, leading to some savings.


Luxury Wicker Furniture vs. Affordable Wicker Furniture
Whether you’re choosing a top quality luxury wicker furniture brand like Lloyd Flanders, or searching for a more affordable wicker furniture option, take into account taxes, shipping, and price matching as you make your selection. With a little creative shopping, you can certainly find the best price out there.

Featured Expensive Wicker Furniture Brands:
Tommy Bahama Wicker Furniture
Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture

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