10 Tips for Hosting a Great Patio Party

There isn’t a better way of meeting and having a terrific time with your favorite friends and neighbors after a long uneventful season than by throwing a great

Outdoor Patio
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patio party. So, in case you’ve been thinking about hosting a patio party this season, we give you a list of top 10 tips that would make your party a success.

The Big Plan

You might not be a person who is used to planning a big event, but the desire to throw a great patio party can be a big responsibility. Prepare a party checklist before you begin to make sure that you’ll have everything you need and stay on budget.

Get It Together
Get started with pre-organizing tasks by getting rid of the clutter both inside and outside of your house. Clean the pool, mow the garden, clean the bathroom, lay down rugs for people making trips inside, and make sure that everything is in an ideal space.

The Decor
A patio theme party needs to be more than just great barbecue setting and big green plant urns. Try out something closer to your heart. For instance you can add a little drama to your space by adding outdoor fire pits or can try out paper decorations for a great summer patio party.

Choose a Theme
Nothing works better than a well thought themed patio party for sure. Choose a color theme, a special outfit theme, beach theme or cocktail theme to add more drama and fun elements to your party.

Choose Comfortable Furniture
Patio parties are all about relaxing and having fun, so one must not forget to choose the right outdoor furniture. Comfortable chairs, sofas or a collection of

Outdoor Wicker Furniture
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decorative floor pillows would play a major role in giving your guests the time of their lives.

Plan the Menu
A patio party would seem incomplete without a grill, barbeque, or cooking space, so don’t forget to install one. Also be sure to fill up a large cooler with ice so that your guests can help themselves in serving cool beverages of their choice. Choose the menu wisely and add a few deserts in order to increase the variety of food.

The Beverages
Patio parties are generally about relaxing and having a good time and drinks and beverages play a major role in ensuring the same. Don’t forget to closely plan out the menu of drinks that would be served in your party. Add beer, wine, mock-tails, cocktails and soft drinks depending on the theme and budget of your party.

Arrange the Perfect Music
Music is the life of every party and a patio party is no exception. Good music in the background will help create liveliness in your party. Curate a playlist that fits the theme and indicates when guests should start heading home for the night.

Plan Outdoor Games
In case you are a fan of lively and fun patio parties, do consider adding a few outdoor games to your party that match the theme. A good game of volleyball, football or Frisbee would add a lot of fun.

Keep a Back-up Plan
No matter how well you plan, there are still few uncertainties hovering over your party at all times. So, we suggest you to keep a back up on the food, music and games end to avoid any hardships later on.

So don’t wait any longer, take a cue from these tips and plan a fabulous patio party today.

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Get Ready for Summer Holidays with Wicker Central

key-west-sofa-set-3_2Yes, spring has only just arrived. But when you’re shopping for the perfect outdoor wicker furniture for your patio, it’s never too early to be prepared for spring and summer holidays and outdoor entertaining.

To help you get ready, we’ve listed a few of the upcoming holidays and common get-togethers over the next several months, and a few items and ideas for how to make the most of your outdoor gathering.

Remember, most outdoor wicker furniture ships in two to four weeks. That makes now the right time to begin shopping for all of your wicker patio furniture so that it arrives just in time for your favorite holiday.

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Featured Collection for Large Gatherings – Get ready for the big crowds with a South Sea Rattan 11-piece Key West outdoor wicker furniture set.

Featured Collection for Small Parties – Enjoy intimate conversations with friends with the Lloyd Flanders 7-piece Mackinac Collection.

Featured Item for Barbecues – Keep your grill looking shiny and protect it against the weather with outdoor grill covers from WickerCentral.com.

Dates to Remember

  • April Fools Day – April 1
  • Easter – April 5
  • Memorial Day – May 25
  • Mother’s Day – May 10
  • Father’s Day – June 21
  • Independence Day  – July 4
  • National Relaxation Day – August 15
  • Labor Day – September 7
  • High School and College Graduations
  • Family Reunions

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at thepatio@wickercentral.com.



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Spend Valentine’s Day On the Patio

Valentine’s Day is Saturday, and if you haven’t already made plans, why not consider having a romantic night at home on your own patio? You don’t have to stay cooped up inside to have a nice evening with your significant other, even if the snow starts falling. Here are some ideas to set the mood for spending your Valentine’s Day on your own front porch.

Photo Credit: PinkPistachio.com
Photo Credit: PinkPistachio.com

Send an Invite
There’s nothing sweeter than getting a cute hand-written note stashed away in your purse, in your car, or even somewhere more exciting like this mirror message from PinkPistachio.com. Leave your Valentine a surprise personal invite and they’re sure to RSVP.

Dress for the Occasion
Wear nice, yet warm clothing in lots of layers, but make sure your date feels like you dressed up especially for them. Keep extra gloves and scarves on hand, just in case. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather so you can make sure your patio date won’t get rained out.

Keep it Simple
Don’t try to go overboard with decorations. This should be a low-key, romantic affair, so a simple candle centerpiece with some flowers would work well. While roses are very romantic flower – and certainly a good pick for Valentine’s Day- consider choosing orchids in pink, red, or fuchsia, which can be just as romantic.

Get Cozy
What’s more romantic than lighting a fire in your outdoor fire pit? Share your favorite loveseat, outdoor day bed, or double chaise lounge, a warm blanket, bring a laptop and catch a movie, or simply snuggle up and chat near the fire. Remember, this is all about spending time with your favorite person in an unexpected place, so make it special.

Heat Things Up
First, chill some wine or champagne—which shouldn’t be too difficult to keep chilled in February, no matter your location—and keep it close by for a toast. Then break out a couple of warm dishes such as pasta, soup, or perhaps even a spicy dish like Pad Thai. Finish off the night with easy-to-share desserts such as chocolate covered strawberries or fondue. You can find lots of delicious, easy recipe ideas for romantic foods on Pinterest.

Now It’s Your Turn
We want to hear from you. Would you ever consider spending Valentine’s Day on your patio with your loved one? Tell us in the comments below.

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at thepatio@wickercentral.com.

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Ideas for Winter Outdoor Entertaining

Snow is falling. Or, if you live in a drier climate, the nights are still crisp and chilly. That doesn’t mean that your outdoor fun has to end. Here are a few ideas from some of the web’s best resources and lifestyle bloggers for entertaining on your patio, even during the colder months.


Seasonal Decorations and Lighting
From adorable table candles and hanging paper lanterns, to stylish white tablescapes, use these ideas to set the scene for any outdoor gathering at your home this winter.


Winter Paper Lanterns – Courtesy of LiaGriffith.com.

Homemade Winter Candles – Courtesy of TheItalianDishBlog.com. 

Bleached White Tablescape – Courtesy of AestheticNest.com.

White LED Wine Cooler – Courtesy of WickerCentral.com.





Weather-Friendly Outdoor Furniture
Your guests will need plenty of welcoming, comfortable seating for any patio gathering you throw. Don’t forget an attractive table or two for displaying food and party favors!



Contemporary Outdoor Wicker Furniture Dining Set – Courtesy of WickerCentral.com.




Ways to Stay Warm and Dry
Keep your guests toasty and comfy with a few additional items. Remember to hand out these cute homemade wraps as party favors—your guests will surely appreciate it.

A-Guide-to-the-Latest-Trends-in-Wedding-Favors-02Warming Wrap Party Favors  Courtesy of TheBridalDetective.com.

11’ Auto-Tilt Outdoor Umbrella with LED Lights – Courtesy of WickerCentral.com.

Patio Heaters and Fire Pits – Courtesy of WickerCentral.com,






Food and Drinks for a Frosty Day

Of course one of the best parts of entertaining is the food. Here are some great ideas for preparing easy, filling, and most importantly seasonally appropriate dishes that are sure to please any crowd.


Grilled Cheese Bar – Courtesy of YourHomeBasedMom.com.

50 Winter Breakfast Ideas – Courtesy of KeeperoftheHome.org.

Warm and Spiced Mulled Wine – Courtesy of GimmeSomeOven.com.

Baked Brie Bites – Courtesy of ASpicyPerspective.com.

The Perfect Cheese Platter – Courtesy of LisetteandCameron.blogspot.com.

Self-Serve Pasta Bar – Courtesy of TonyAstaab.com.

Easy S’mores Dip – Courtesy of FiveHeartHome.com.



If you liked these ideas, stay tuned for more tips for making the most of your patio during the winter season!

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at thepatio@wickercentral.com.

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