How to Choose the Right Outdoor Wicker Furniture

We already know that the Pantone color of the year is a sumptuous wine shade called Marsala and is shaping up to be a big design trend. Did you also know that aBLOGIMAGE design trend for 2015 is to make your outdoor space just as inviting and stylish as your interior?

One easy way to immediately update your outdoor space is to choose the perfect outdoor wicker furniture set. With the rise of online shopping, now you’ve got lots of options to match the theme and feel of your home. Let this guide from Wicker Central help you decide which outdoor wicker furniture is right for your home.

The first pointer is perhaps the most important. Before choosing any wicker patio furniture pieces, first determine how you will be using your furniture. Will you be doing a lot of entertaining? Do you plan to host outdoor parties? Or are you planning to simply choose a few pieces to relax around an outdoor fire pit or bar? Knowing how you will be using your wicker furniture will help you determine what types of pieces to purchase and how many wicker chairs, sofas, or tables you will need.

Now that you know how you’ll be using your outdoor wicker furniture, the next step is to determine how much space you have to work with. If you know how big your patio space is, that will help you decide how many pieces to order and which sizes will comfortably fit within the space.

Once you’ve got a good idea of where you will put your furniture, now comes the fun part. Thankfully, wicker furniture style has come a long way. You don’t have to settle for an old-fashioned, simple white wicker furniture set. Take a few minutes to compile a few words that describe your space. Keywords like classic, contemporary, relaxed, dramatic, or neutral can help when you search for the perfect set online.

Another great thing about shopping for outdoor wicker furniture online is that you can request fabric samples before making a full order. If your style tends to be more traditional, choose a neutral shade such as beige or light brown to match any outdoor space. If you’re more adventurous, why not try a pop of color for summer. Popular outdoor fabric colors this year include bright yellow, spring green, and turquoise.

One final thing to consider when choosing the right outdoor wicker furniture for your home is to choose furniture that will last in your climate. Most wicker furniture shops provide information about how the material will hold up in different types of weather. Pay close attention to this information, as well as any warranties that the company offers. Of course the best way to protect your outdoor wicker furniture in any weather is to purchase the appropriate outdoor furniture covers.

Now we want to hear from you. What is your patio’s theme: classic, contemporary, dramatic, or another style? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ideas for Winter Outdoor Entertaining

Snow is falling. Or, if you live in a drier climate, the nights are still crisp and chilly. That doesn’t mean that your outdoor fun has to end. Here are a few ideas from some of the web’s best resources and lifestyle bloggers for entertaining on your patio, even during the colder months.


Seasonal Decorations and Lighting
From adorable table candles and hanging paper lanterns, to stylish white tablescapes, use these ideas to set the scene for any outdoor gathering at your home this winter.


Winter Paper Lanterns – Courtesy of

Homemade Winter Candles – Courtesy of 

Bleached White Tablescape – Courtesy of

White LED Wine Cooler – Courtesy of





Weather-Friendly Outdoor Furniture
Your guests will need plenty of welcoming, comfortable seating for any patio gathering you throw. Don’t forget an attractive table or two for displaying food and party favors!



Contemporary Outdoor Wicker Furniture Dining Set – Courtesy of




Ways to Stay Warm and Dry
Keep your guests toasty and comfy with a few additional items. Remember to hand out these cute homemade wraps as party favors—your guests will surely appreciate it.

A-Guide-to-the-Latest-Trends-in-Wedding-Favors-02Warming Wrap Party Favors  Courtesy of

11’ Auto-Tilt Outdoor Umbrella with LED Lights – Courtesy of

Patio Heaters and Fire Pits – Courtesy of,






Food and Drinks for a Frosty Day

Of course one of the best parts of entertaining is the food. Here are some great ideas for preparing easy, filling, and most importantly seasonally appropriate dishes that are sure to please any crowd.


Grilled Cheese Bar – Courtesy of

50 Winter Breakfast Ideas – Courtesy of

Warm and Spiced Mulled Wine – Courtesy of

Baked Brie Bites – Courtesy of

The Perfect Cheese Platter – Courtesy of

Self-Serve Pasta Bar – Courtesy of

Easy S’mores Dip – Courtesy of



If you liked these ideas, stay tuned for more tips for making the most of your patio during the winter season!

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at

Find the Right Outdoor Wicker Furniture Cover

Winter is upon us—time to ensure your patio furniture is protected from the weather. If you haven’t yet covered your outdoor furniture, this guide can help you make the right furniture cover choice.

Shop by Rating

When shopping for outdoor furniture covers, keep in mind that some cover companies have “good, better, and best” ratings for their collections. These ratings FEATUREDare typically based on criteria such as breathability, water and dust resistance, and durability.

For instance, the outdoor furniture cover company KoverRoos has Tyvek (good), SupraRoos (better), and WeatherMax (best). Usually, they offer the same set of dimensions within each collection. If you live in a dry climate and need a lightweight cover to keep the dust off, a cover with a good rating may work for you. If you’re in a cold or damp climate, consider choosing more durable, weather-resistant covers.

Measuring Your Furniture

A good tip for finding the right furniture cover is that you never want to measure too small. The material will not usually stretch, as there may be a plastic or PVC lining that helps make it water resistant.

Allow a few inches of wiggle room for each dimension. So for example, if you have a sofa that is 80” wide, 36” deep, and 36” tall, you would want a cover that is 80-82” wide by 36-38” deep and 31-34” tall.

Mind the Length

You don’t want your covers to touch the ground for a couple of reasons. Covers usually have air vents or side vents that allow air to come up and out from the bottom of the cover. This helps whisk away any moisture that may be inside.

Covers that touch the ground will get wet and not easily dry out, which can lead to mold or mildew. Though your furniture and fabric may be mildew rated, this long-term wetness could eventually break down the cover material.

Protect Your Investment

Your furniture is made to last, but outdoor furniture covers are made to protect your wicker patio furniture investment. It’s important to remember that covers will fade and weather with time. Better the cover than your favorite piece of outdoor furniture.

ABOUT: Wicker Central is an Elkhart, IN, based e-commerce company specializing in outdoor wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture accessories. Email us at

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