It’s Time to Organize Your Bathroom

Bathroom Storage

You’ve been putting it off for weeks. Spring cleaning time came and went. But now it’s time to organize your bathroom. If you’re good at interior designing you will find that it’s easy to organize your bathroom and you can do it in an afternoon. For others, figuring out how and where to store bathroom items can be a more complicated task.

A complete re-organization depends upon your budget and available space. If you live in a small home or apartment you may only need a small set of shelves. If you live in a larger house with more residents, you will probably need more storage. Here are a few ideas that can help you easily organize your bathroom.

Indoor Wicker Shelves
Get Inspired
Our first suggestion is to determine how you want your bathroom to look. Is your bathroom classic black and white? Do you want to add some color and texture? Take inspiration from various magazines or Pinterest before you begin so that you can start to find pieces that will serve as stylish storage.

Install Your Storage
First of all, identify your bathroom space so you’ll know where to place shelves or storage without causing interference to the room’s layout. It’s a good idea to place a cabinet or set of shelves near a side wall for easy access to all of your accessories.

For a little added texture, why not pick up a wicker bureau or set of wicker shelves. These furniture pieces are available in various designs, shapes, as well as styles and colors that will suit a variety of tastes.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Choose Cute Containers
If you have open shelving in your bathroom, this is a good opportunity to use pretty baskets or other containers to hold bathroom items. Wicker baskets, glass jars, and other containers can look great on any shelf or even on your counter top. These containers will help keep your make-up, hair accessories, and grooming products sorted. Spend a little time going through these items to identify any products that are expired or that you don’t need any more.

Get a Matching Set
For your counter-top, find a matching bathroom set that includes a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, and whatever else you need to keep your most important items neat and presentable.

In one quick afternoon and with a few shelves and assorted containers, you can completely re-organize your bathroom. So don’t put it off any longer, get to work!

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