How to Use Flowers and Plants to Decorate your Patio


Patios and porches are seasonal areas, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. A lot of people enjoy decorating their patio with flowers since this adds warmth and color. There are many flowers and plants that are perfect for patio areas, depending on your space, climate, and how much time you want to spend caring for them.

Container Flowers for your Patio
If you really want to place container flowers on your patio, make sure that it will provide an attractive enhancement to your setting. These lovely flowers can provide a natural and softer look by bringing beauty and color. Before you select plants for the containers, you need to consider the overall effect including placement and space. For instance, if you have selected to plant highly fragrant flowers surrounding the patio, this might bring ants, bees, and wasps. If you happen to have a family member that is suffering from an allergy, it would be better if you consider other alternatives. You need to be careful of highly toxic plants for your household pets. These include cyclamen, lilies, tulips, ivy and chrysanthemums. This only means that you also need to think about the danger when making a decision.

Garden Plants for Your Patio
If both function and looks appeal to you, you might want to research food producing plants which can be placed in the patio container. Bear in mind that a pleasant palette of shapes, forms, and colors can be established through combinations of various fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and flowers. By simply researching about companion planting basic principles, gardeners can immediately find out that plants such as lettuces grow well with almost all other plants, and foods such as onion and strawberries get along really well with it too. Just make sure that the neighboring plants will not leech possible hazardous materials in the soil.

Seasonal Flowers for Your Patio
If you really desire flowers, you can select season-long bloomers and apply principles in flower arranging to make the right decision. For instance, a gardener needs to select plants which


provide some shade, fill and height. In fact, this is how a florist establishes a successful composition. If you have premium ground space in the area, try making use of large containers and planting boxes rather than bed planting. Bamboo, tall shrubs, ornamental grasses and small trees can be placed in a large container. These planting boxes can be anchored to a trellis and are ideal for vines like Virginia creeper, clematis, climbing hydrangea or ivy.

The selected vines must not be invasive and must be a good conductor of light. Lilacs and viburnum are plants which grow tall, but necessitate little maintenance. Furthermore, they have fragrant and attractive smelling flowers. Be sure that whatever flowers or plants you choose complement our decor and outdoor patio furniture.

There are lots of things that you can do to make the area more attractive and vibrant. You just need to do a little bit of research for you to understand which flowers and plants will work best for your patio and which do not.

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