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How to Invite Neighbors to a Backyard Party

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A backyard barbecue party is the perfect way to spend a warm summer night with family, friends, and even your neighbors. It also gives you the opportunity to get familiar with neighbors new and old. Inviting your neighbors to your backyard party is a nice gesture to make everyone feel welcomed. If you are new to the area yourself, you can throw a housewarming party in your backyard and invite everybody as a way to make a good first impression and get to know your new community.

The first stage of hosting a backyard party begins with the all-important invitation. There are several ways you can send the invite to your potential guests. Here are just a few ways to get your neighbors on the guest list.

Make a Personal Visit
The personal invitation to your backyard party is the best tool to show your warm gesture of welcoming for the party. Even if the guest doesn’t turn up to the party, then stopping by their house and personally extending them an invitation is enough to build a relationship showing your courteousness and friendliness.

Send a Handmade or Digital Card
This is very sweet and welcoming way to send invitations. Handmade cards reflect the care and eagerness to get everyone to the party. You can also design a beautiful digital card based on the theme of your backyard party and request that it be sent to the neighbors via your homeowners association or building management. Don’t forget to mention the date, time and venue of the backyard party.

Post Flyers Around the Neighborhood
These are also an acceptable way to give out invitations to your neighbors. You can post them in approved posting spots, drop them directly onto your neighbors’ doorstep, wrap in their newspaper early morning, or slip it under the door.

Make a Phone Call

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If you are well-acquainted with all the neighbors and are short of time then you can invite by calling them. A phone call is also a personalized way to invite everybody.

Leave a Gift with a Personal Message
Take little gifts and attach a message over it for invitation. This gift can be a small pair of earrings or a cupcake with an invitation message tag attached to the box. Something themed to the party will be memorable and help your neighbors remember to RSVP.

Don’t forget, when inviting your neighbors to your backyard party, you can also mention on the invitation to bring a side dish to share. This way you can send a unique and customized invitation for your neighbors and motivate them to be a part of entertaining and lovely party organized by you.

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