Wicker Porch Swing

How to Hang a Wicker Porch Swing

Wicker Porch Swing
Source: WickerCentral.com

There’s something very relaxing about having a wicker porch swing in your home. A solo swing chair can be a great place to just relax while listening to your music or reading a book, and a wicker porch swing for two can be a cozy place for couples.

Thanks to the creativity of wicker patio furniture designers, there is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and looks for these kinds of wicker porch swings. No matter what aesthetic you choose, you’re certain to find a wicker porch swing that’s right for you. Here are a few things to consider when you want to hang a wicker porch swing in your home.

Assemble Your Wicker Porch Swing First
Many of the measurements that need to be done will depend on the final size and shape of the wicker porch swing. The best way to get a handle on these is to fully assemble the wicker porch swing before doing anything else. This will also be a good time to go over the instructions and information which came with the wicker porch swing to see if there are any which already provide guidance on swing attachment, load capacities, drill point distances and other relevant information. Since each wicker porch swing design is different, be sure to follow any given instructions as closely as possible.

Address Wicker Porch Swing Safety
Given the way a wicker porch swing works, there are some safety issues at play that need to be identified and addressed. Find out the load capacity of the wicker porch swing. If not expressly stated, you can measure the weight of the swing and add the estimated weight of the maximum number of passengers, with some added weight as a buffer. If the swing is good for one person, add around three hundred pounds to the weight of the chair. Double that for a two person wicker porch swing and so on.

This weight is important because you will need to make sure that the chosen beam has the strength to support it, and the chain or rope that connects the wicker porch swing to the beam should also be strong enough to handle that weight.

Clearance is another thing to consider. Since a wicker porch swing will trace out an arc, and may also swing somewhat from side to side, you need to choose a place for where the chair will not crash into walls, railings, or something else. Ideally, there should be a circle around the swing with a diameter of about four to six feet to prevent any accidents.

Hang the Wicker Porch Swing
Connecting hardware at the support beam will usually involve eye bolts book-ended by washers, with lock nuts to keep everything in place. S-hooks can then be

Wicker Porch Swing
Source: WickerCentral.com

run through the eye bolts, and the lengths of chain or rope can be attached to these hooks. The hooks are meant to reduce noise, as well as wear and tear, which should increase the effective life of the components.

Ideally, the rear of the wicker porch swing should hang an inch lower than the front, in the case of longer wicker swing porch seating, for increased comfort. Also, make sure that people sitting on the wicker porch swing can plant their feet on the floor. A seventeen-inch clearance from the ground is a good place to start. Follow the included instructions for attaching the chain or rope to the swing itself.

When all of this is done properly, you and your loved ones will have access to a lovely wicker porch swing, which will offer safe relaxation for many years.

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