How to Care for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

If you have made the investment and purchased outdoor wicker furniture, then you should take special care toward maintaining its long life. Outdoor wicker furniture is durable as well as more reliable compared to other materials, but here are some tips for caring for your outdoor wicker furniture.

Regular Cleaning
Cleaning your outdoor wicker furniture on regular yearly basis is really important; you can schedule at least one day at the beginning and end of the season for cleaning. For different types of wicker furniture, you need to follow unique techniques depending upon their sensitivity level. Use of hot soapy water and after washing it with sponge let it dry in the sun. It is a cost effective treatment that only demands your time.

Take Care of Glass Tabletops
Some outdoor wicker furniture comes with a glass tabletop that adds more beauty to its design. But these glass tops can attract dirt and dust and give it a scratched or dirty appearance if not cleaned from time to time. Wipe your outdoor wicker furniture glass tabletops with a soft damp cloth to remove dust and grime.

Pressure Washing Outdoor Wicker Furniture
One of the easiest and effective ways to clean outdoor wicker furniture is to use pressure washing. It helps to save time, but you must be careful high-pressure washers so you don’t damage the wicker. Also remember never to use harsh detergents because they tend to discolor material. Be sure to read any manufacturer warnings prior to trying this method of cleaning outdoor wicker furniture.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Repair Work
Whenever you observe any damage to your outdoor wicker furniture you must make arrangements for its repair as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause greater harm at later stage. A small crack will not take much time to spread in large area so make sure to repair outdoor wicker furniture fast. Breakage will make it uncomfortable as well as unsafe to sit.

Use Outdoor Wicker Furniture Covers
You should get into the habit of covering your outdoor wicker furniture with custom furniture covers; it will keep them safe from the weather and protect them even if your outdoor wicker furniture is in storage.

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