Wicker Sectional Furniture

How to Arrange a Patio Using Wicker Sectional Furniture

Wicker Sectional Loveseat
Source: WickerCentral.com

Sectionals can be a great alternative to classic furniture, and outdoor wicker sectional sets are no exception. With selections ranging from wicker sectional sofas to loveseats to curved sectional sets, you can use outdoor wicker sectional furniture to complete almost any size patio.

Wicker sectional furniture can be large and dominate a space, or it can be sleek and streamlined. How you arrange your wicker sectional furniture depends on how many pieces you have and the size of each piece. Here are some tips for arranging your patio with outdoor wicker sectional furniture.

Choose Your Pieces
Sectional furniture can be an easy seating solution, but you should choose your wicker sectional pieces wisely so that it suits your space. Individual sofa sections are versatile options that you can easily shift, move around, and combine. And the best part is, if you ever get bored of the space you can simply change it up!

Lloyd Flanders Sectional Furniture
Source: WickerCentral.com

Make it Comfortable
The most important part of arranging any patio furniture is balance. Arrange large wicker sectional furniture with smaller pieces like individual chairs, chaise lounges, or end tables to create a full set without overtaking your space too much.

Go for Convenience
For any patio, your wicker sectional furniture arrangement should be comfortable and convenient to navigate and enjoy. Your seating should be easily accessible, but it also shouldn’t block up your patio. Place your wicker sectional furniture in a convenient location like one end of the patio looking out toward your garden for a spacious feeling. Or place your wicker sectional set opposite a grill or outdoor dining set to allow plenty of space between.

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